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Consulting Service Menu

Investment Management

Household aggregate assets under management


$250,000 - $1,000,000


Advisory fee
Fee is assessed against advisory account(s) only
Investment objective and risk assessment

Portfolio construction and management
Monitor portfolio on a discretionary basis
Quarterly portfolio analysis
Portfolio rebalancing and allocation
In-office review meeting(s) frequency
1-3 annual
2-3 annual
2-4 annual

Financial Planning

Single Issue
Comprehensive Planning*
$200 per issue
*includes all single issues
$75 per hour

Income Distribution
Income tax1
Estate1 2
Financial checkup
Portfolio review3
Investment analysis3
Cost basis research
Cost/benefit analysis
Coordinated planning with associated professionals (CPA, Attorney, Trustee, etc)

Includes phone and email correspondence with associated professionals to coordinate tax and legal advice.1

Indicates these services are included in the price listed.

1Weller Group does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.

2$100 flat fee per meeting for up to three (3) meetings during the 12-month time period beginning with the first meeting. $75 hourly fee for any office or phone meetings in excess of three estate planning meetings during the 12-month time period.

3For assets held away from Weller Group.

PPS Custom Program (Transactions), PPS Select and Third Party Asset Management program Account clients will pay an annual Management Fee, billed quarterly, which is negotiable and which, unless otherwise agreed, shall be based on the value of assets in the Account. In addition to the annual management fee, PPS Custom Program clients may pay transaction charges, administrative charges, and miscellaneous account fees and charges, as described in the PPS Custom Client Agreement and Commonwealth’s ADV Part 2A Brochure. PPS Select program clients will pay a total annual fee that consists of the management fee and a program fee, as outlined in the PPS Select client agreement and Commonwealth's ADV 2A.  Third party asset management program clients will pay additional program, administration and account fees as outlined in the program's client agreement and the asset manager's ADV 2A.

Single Issue & Comprehensive Planning

Consulting Services

Time period covered by fee4:

12-month time period covered by fee, with the first day services are provided to be used as the time period inception date.

Fee is for the date service is delivered.
Planning deliverables:

Two (2) in-office meetings for the 12-month time period to review, discuss and update plans. 

Web conferencing available in lieu of in-office meetings. 

One (1) in-office meeting to review output resulting from completion of the consulting or analysis.

Web conference available in lieu of in-office meeting.

Phone and e-mail correspondence as necessary to supplement office meetings.

MoneyGuidePro software will be the primary software used to create the comprehensive or single-issue planning modules. Planning content will be reviewed during in-office or web conference meetings; however, client has login credentials to MoneyGuidePro website and full access to modify plan assumptions to model projections. 

A variety of software could be used to complete the research and analysis, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, Morningstar®, Broadridge, ValueLine and various websites.

In-office and web conference reviews will include a summary letter to be e-mailed or mailed to client after review meeting, to outline observations, strategies, recommendations and an action plan.

Upon completion of services, a summary letter will be e-mailed or mailed to client, including a list of sources of information used in the analysis.

4Fee is invoiced through the Commonwealth Financial Network® Wealth Management Consulting program, method of payment can be by journal from NFS brokerage account, check, ACH/electronic check, debit or credit card.

What else is included?

Clients who hold assets with Weller Group or participate in financial planning services benefit from the following:

  • Weller Group partners with Commonwealth Financial Network®, the nation’s largest privately held Registered Investment Adviser – independent broker/dealer. Commonwealth’s entire organization is built around doing whatever it takes to satisfy not only the advisors who work with the firm, but the clients of those advisors as well.
  • Access to a team of investment research specialists who assist us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible service. Each of the professionals on this team brings a breadth of experience in the industry and within his or her own specialization.
  • Resources such as Investor360° online account access, our website, monthly market updates and newsletter emails.
  • A dedicated team of professionals available to assist with any new and ongoing needs beyond your regularly scheduled reviews, accessible by phone, e-mail or in-person at our office.
  • Referrals to other professional associates for legal, tax, insurance, health insurance advice and more.

 If you have additional questions please contact our office by phone at 315-524-8000 or email info@wellergroupllc.com.