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Charitable Donations to Pines of Peace Thumbnail

Charitable Donations to Pines of Peace

For the past few years Weller Group has hosted a collection for a local organization in need of donations. Last year we successfully collected canned goods, household products, personal products, and directed donations to benefit the Pines of Peace Comfort Care Home.

Pines of Peace is located on Ridge Road in Ontario, only a few miles from our office. Their residence provides care for the terminally ill, as well as alternative living arrangements for families to assist their loved ones during this final stage. They are able to do this through the generosity and support of the local community, through fundraisers, donations and volunteers. However, as we all know this year has brought many changes and struggles to the local community and the world. 

"This has been a challenging year for everyone, and the Pines is included. We’re believing that eventually we will return to a ‘kindler, gentler’ new normal and our mission of caring for those at the end of their lives will continue for many years to come. And the support of the greater community ensures just that."
~Terry Whitt, Executive Director

Unfortunately, Weller Group is unable to host the "normal" collection we had hoped for this year. If you are able and interested in making a charitable contribution to a local organization, please consider the Pines of Peace. We hope that 2021 will bring more positive changes and with that the ability to host another collection event.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Pines of Peace you can do so on their website at https://pinesofpeace.org/donate/. Pines of Peace will provide you with documentation of your donation for tax purposes.

You can also apply to volunteer by calling 315-524-2388 and online at https://pinesofpeace.org/volunteer/, or inquire about personally donating goods and products.

Thank you for your consideration!

Happy holidays,
Jennifer Doell
Director of Client Service & Practice Management