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Methods of Communication with Weller Group

Looking to get in touch with our office to chat, schedule a meeting, or send important information or documents to us? Find out which communication method is best for your situation.


Phone Call

You can call our main office phone number at 315-524-8000 to speak with our Client Service Associate -- Ashley Goebel. Ashley handles appointment scheduling for our financial advisors, and she can connect you with a knowledgeable staff member to assist you with other requests.

You can also connect with a staff member by calling their direct phone number, all of which are provided in the Staff Directory on our website.


Text Message

Did you know you can send a text message to your financial advisor and support team? Each financial advisor has a dedicated text message line, and our support staff also have access to each of these lines. Feel free to send us a text message if you want to get in touch with us quickly to ask or answer a question, schedule a meeting, or ask for a return phone call. 

Please keep in mind that text messaging is NOT a secure method of communication. Our office is prohibited from using our text message lines to send you information, pictures or documents that contain sensitive information, such as account numbers or social security numbers. Read on for options to share sensitive information with our office via a secure method.

Your financial advisor’s text message line can be found in the Staff Directory on our website, and is provided below for your convenience.

Tim Weller315-524-8000
Adam Casper315-333-1305
Matthew Bennage315-333-1309
Dillon Flaherty315-333-1308
Daniel Ortiz315-333-1314

Investor360 Messages & Documents

You can utilize our client portal Investor360° to send messages securely to our office through the Messages tab. When you log into your Investor360 account, click on the Messages tab and choose Compose to start a new message, or choose an existing message to respond to. All information and documents sent and received through Investor360 Messages is secure.

You can also upload your own documents to the Investor360° Documents tab, and access documents that our office has shared with you. When you log into your Investor360 account, hover over the Statements & Documents tab, then click on Documents to upload or access shared documents.

Secure Email

If you do not utilize our Investor360° client portal for messages or documents, our office can send you a secure email to which you can reply with any sensitive or confidential information and documents. If you are working with a tax advisor or attorney, we can send a secure email to them on your behalf with requested information, if you provide us with verbal authorization.

If you would like to receive a secure email, please call our office at 315-524-8000 to make this request or email us at info@wellergroupllc.com

As a reminder, please do not send any sensitive or confidential information to our office via text message, and if you choose to send it in an email you should request a secure email from our office first.