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Tax Center


Accessing Commonwealth tax documents in Investor360º

Provided below is information on the availability and retrieval of 2023 tax forms for Commonwealth investment accounts1

1If you own investment accounts held away from Commonwealth Financial Network/National Financial Services (i.e. - American Funds, Lincoln, Prudential, etc.), those tax forms are not available through Investor360º. You will receive tax forms from direct investment companies by mail, or if you signed up for e-delivery through the direct company website, you will receive an e-mail when tax forms are available online.

Tax form availability and extensions

  • As in years past, NFS has requested a 30-day extension from the IRS’s initial mailing deadline of February 15. 
  • This allows NFS time to capture information for securities that have a high likelihood of late income reclassifications, potentially minimizing the need to create and distribute corrected tax forms that could result in amended returns.
  • Some issuers have until March 15 to provide final information.
  • Please refer to the Tax Form Mailing Dates chart provided below.

If you are scheduling an appointment with your tax preparer and are unsure if you have all of your tax forms for investments held through Weller Group, please contact our office in advance so that we can provide you with an updated timeframe for tax form availability. 

Tax Form Mailing Dates

Tax Forms


Available Online (on or before)

Retirement Tax Forms 5498

For use with contributions to, and year-end market values of, brokerage retirement accounts

January 19, 2024

Tax Forms 1099-R

For distributions from brokerage retirement accounts

January 19, 2024

Consolidated 1099s:
First Mailing

For non-retirement accounts holding securities with no anticipated reclassifications January 20, 2024

Consolidated 1099s:
Second Mailing

For non-retirement accounts holding securities with income reclassifications to date

February 10, 2024

1099: Info-Only
(Corporate and Nonprototype Accounts)

Supplemental information for corporate and eligible exempt accounts February 10, 2024

1099: Preliminary Tax Statements

For early tax preparation with clients receiving 1099s in Mailing cycles 3 or 4
Please note: Statement is for planning purposes only and is not considered final2

February 10, 2024
(online only)

Consolidated 1099s:
Third Mailing

For brokerage accounts holding securities with income reclassifications to date February 24, 2024

Consolidated 1099s:
Fourth Mailing

For brokerage accounts holding later-issuer reclassifications (e.g., UITs, REITs) March 6, 2024

2Please note: In instances when tax reporting for an account occurs during the extension period, NFS will provide an online preliminary tax statement starting on February 10. This is viewable only in Investor360° and will provide a single view of current tax information to help you determine early tax liability. This is not reported to the IRS, and should not be used for tax reporting purposes.

Accessing Your Tax Forms

If you are enrolled in e-delivery, you will receive an email notifying you that your tax forms are ready to view. If you are not enrolled in e-delivery, your form will be mailed within five business days of online posting.

In both cases, once issued, you may access an electronic version of your tax forms in Investor360°® under Statements & Documents > Tax Reporting > Most Recent. Or watch this video for steps to locate your tax forms online.

Investor360º and paperless preference instructions

If you have not registered to use Investor360º, we encourage you to call our office to establish a login ID. Any investor in your household can request his or her unique login ID.

Once you have established access to Investor360º, you can elect your paperless preferences for your Commonwealth brokerage account(s) by following these steps

Send your 2023 Income Tax Return to Weller Group

Please consider requesting that your tax preparer send your final 2023 income tax return and supporting documents to Weller Group for our records. We have created this written request that you can provide to your tax preparer.

There are other helpful resources related to taxes, including links to the IRS and NYS Tax Department on our Websites page.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact our office.

Thank you,

Weller Group