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Insurance Planning

Interested in discussing your insurance needs?  Weller Group has recently partnered with KAFL, Inc. for insurance business.

KAFL is an East Rochester based firm of insurance professionals who will listen to your goals and objectives, determine potential solutions and, if suitable, recommend insurance products.  KAFL offers a full range of disability, life and long term care insurance products, and handles the entire process including application, underwriting, delivery and service of insurance products.

For full disclosure, if you place any insurance business through KAFL as a result of this introduction, Weller Group will receive a referral fee. The referral fee is a one-time payment in an amount equal to 25% of the 1st year of commissions generated by the insurance policy or policies you purchase.

Although KAFL shares a portion of compensation with Weller Group through the referral program, please know that KAFL and Weller Group are completely separate businesses and have no shared affiliation (other than the referral relationship).  If you ultimately establish a business relationship with KAFL and would like Weller Group to share any financial or investment information with KAFL to facilitate the insurance application and underwriting process, Weller Group requires your written or verbal request prior to sharing any such information.  Likewise, if you secure any insurance with KAFL and wish to have KAFL share the product delivery or product service information with Weller Group (for our records), you should make this request directly with KAFL.

You can contact Dana DeLuca at KAFL to start a conversation.  You are welcome to meet with Dana at her East Rochester office or at our Weller Group office in Ontario.  

As always, please contact Weller Group if you have any questions.  

Life Insurance

People buy life insurance for different reasons, so it’s no wonder that there are a variety of options from which to choose. To find out which insurance product may work best for you, identify the reason that you want to buy life insurance. Most often, people buy life insurance to replace the income of the insured. Others purchase a policy to cover the many costs associated with death. Finally, besides being a way to replace income or pay off debts, life insurance can serve as a tax-efficient vehicle for saving and investment. Whatever policy you may choose, it is important that we work together periodically to review your insurance, thus ensuring that the coverage continues to meet your ever-changing needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

As life expectancy increases, many more people will require long-term care. Frequently, this takes the form of custodial care—that is, help with the activities of daily living, either provided by an in-home caregiver or in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Most health insurance programs, including Medicare, do not cover custodial care, and Medicaid is limited to low-income seniors. Because paying for long-term care impoverishes many seniors, however, Medicaid ends up footing much of the long-term care bill.

Health Insurance

If you are interested in speaking with a health insurance specialist you can contact ROC Insurance Services

Rick Grossmann is the president and owner of ROC Insurance with more than 30 years of experience assisting individuals with health insurance coverage.

Fixed insurance products and services serviced through Weller Group LLC and KAFL, Inc. are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.