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Q:  How do I view my accounts held with Weller Group online?

A:  You can log into your Investor360º account at www.investor360.com or visit our Client Center for Account Access.

If you need help logging in for the first time, use this guide to walk you through each step.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser for best results.

You can also download the app on your mobile device.


Q:  Can I make changes to my investment accounts using Investor360º?

A:  No, you cannot make changes to your investment accounts, you can only view information related to your investment accounts.

If you would like to request a trade or redemption of money, please call Weller Group at 315-524-8000. These requests cannot be accepted through voicemail or email.


Q:  How do I sign up to receive correspondence electronically, rather than by mail?

A:  You can view and change your current Paperless Preferences in the Settings section of your Investor360º account1. Here is a helpful guide for customizing your Paperless Preferences.

You can customize how you would like to receive the following types of correspondence for investment accounts held at Commonwealth Financial Network®:

  • Confirms
  • Customer Correspondence
  • Shareholder Reports
  • Statements
  • Tax Documents

1Note that you can always view these types of correspondence in your Investor360º account, regardless of the method of delivery.


Q:  What do I do if I forget my login ID or password?

A:  Here is a helpful guide if you forget your Investor360º login credentials.

Login ID - If you forget your login ID please call Weller Group at 315-524-8000 to verify your identity and we will provide you with your login ID.

Password - If you forget your password click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the login page of Investor360º, and follow the prompts to reset your password.