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Newsletter from Weller Group Support Staff


The support staff at Weller Group has put together this newsletter outlining important information regarding our business operations and communications, as well as tips for stress management. We hope you are all staying well during this time, and we look forward to speaking with you and hopefully seeing you all soon.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. 

Stay well,

Business Hours

Weller Group continues to remain open with normal business hours for employees only. Due to the continued social distancing requested by our government, and to be sensitive to and respectful of your health and safety, for an indefinite amount of time we ask that you do not enter our building. The majority of our staff will continue to work remotely, and Tim and Chris continue to work at the Ontario office. 

If you have any paperwork to deliver to us, please either mail the paperwork or drop off the paperwork at our location by using the locked drop box outside of our front entry door. Weller Group employees monitor the drop box throughout the business day.

Client appointments

We will continue to conduct all advisor-client meetings by phone, with an option for a web conference via Glance (screen sharing) or Zoom (video conference). We are currently rescheduling all office meetings through the end of May to be conducted by phone. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed. 

If you prefer to postpone a scheduled meeting to be held as an office meeting rather than a phone or web meeting once we resume office meetings, please notify us and we will make a note in our system to contact you at that time.


In Tim Weller’s Market Perspective email dated March 18th, we provided several ways for you to efficiently communicate with Weller Group. Here is a recap: 

Weller Group website

www.wellergroupllc.com  I encourage you to bookmark and periodically visit our website to view updated information and to access links to other sites with valuable information. Any coronavirus/market related information sent to you from Weller Group will also be posted on our website and easily accessible from our home page. 




315-524-8000 – if texting you should NOT text anything confidential



Investor360 Messaging    

Anyone who has established login credentials to Investor360 can use Investor360 Messaging to submit and receive secure and confidential messages to and from Weller Group. All messages transmitted through this system are saved within your personal Investor360 website. If you are interested in using Investor360 Messaging and have not yet established any login credentials to Investor360, please text 315-524-8000 or email info@wellergroupllc.com with a request to “Establish access to Investor360.” Weller Group will then send you a reply email containing your temporary password and instructions for you to access Investor360. For security purposes, Weller Group will then call your phone number on file to verbally provide your login ID. Once logged into Investor360, you can use the Messaging feature to communicate with Weller Group. 

New website

We have been working hard to launch our new website, but we delayed this due to the current situation in order to avoid presenting our clients with more changes. Now that we have adjusted to a new normal, we will be launching our new website soon. The goal of our new site is to continue to provide information and updates related to investments and markets, with a more modern look and easier navigation, as well as more relevant content to all investors.

New staff announcement

We are pleased to announce that Luke Scorsone has joined Weller Group as a Planning Assistant. Luke began working with Weller Group as an intern during college breaks in 2019, and joined our team full-time in January 2020. His responsibilities include working on financial projects and assisting advisors with meetings and research.  

Luke grew up in Webster and is a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in business with a specialization in finance. He obtained his FINRA Series 6 and 63 securities registrations, and licenses for life and health in New York and is currently working toward becoming a servicing advisor.

Tips for Stress Management

Presented by Tim Weller

During a public crisis, such as the health pandemic we’re currently experiencing, heightened feelings of stress and anxiety are normal. But, if left unchecked, stress and anxiety can lead to many health problems. That’s why, in times like these, we need to place a priority on reducing stress. Fortunately, there are small things we can do every day that can relieve anxiety and bring us greater peace of mind. 

To help you cope with the current challenges and uncertainties, I’d like to share some tips for managing stress. By focusing on a few small changes, you could be helping yourself stay healthy—in mind and body. 

Stay Social Through Technology

To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we should all adhere to the social distancing guidelines set by the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control. But, with the amazing technology available today, we don’t have to be face to face to connect with our family, friends, and work colleagues. Make a point of reaching out to them regularly via phone, videoconference, or social media. They’re probably feeling isolated and stressed, too, so they’re likely to be delighted to hear from you. As appropriate, it’s a good idea to share how you’re coping with your emotions. Just be sure to talk to people—don’t hold everything inside. Even listening to podcasts at home might help, especially if you typically do so as part of your regular commute. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Exercise

When a crisis disrupts your routine, it’s a good time to try something new. During a health pandemic, social distancing guidelines recommend limiting your contact with others. So, if going to a gym or mall walking (or any other indoor activity) is your regular workout, you may wish to change things up. Why not take advantage of the great outdoors with its wonderful fresh air and sunlight? A good way to get started is simply to take a 15- to 20-minute walk a few times a week. Taking a walk at lunch or some other time during the workday gives you a healthy break from stressful responsibilities or news alerts. Even if your job or family responsibilities are demanding, you won’t be doing anyone (least of all yourself) any favors by skipping exercise. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, however, it’s wise to start slow and easy with something your doctor would approve of.

Stick to Regular Mealtimes and Healthy Snacks

Nutritionists recommend we eat a variety of foods, especially whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. If you normally have good dietary habits, don’t fall victim to skipping meals or breaking your own snacking rules now. If you tend to eat less healthfully, it may be difficult to make a major change at this time. Try focusing on one or two steps you can take to improve your diet, and encourage friends and loved ones to do the same.

Be Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Have you ever noticed how things seem nowhere near as bad the next morning as they do if you dwell on them at night when you can’t sleep? Lack of sleep affects our health, mood, and ability to focus—all factors we need to keep in the best possible condition right now. Make a serious effort to get a good night’s rest—which means no jumping out of bed at 2:00 a.m. to check your email. If you aren’t getting the deep sleep you are used to, do what you can to at least make some time to relax and completely disconnect.

Remember to Take Deep Breaths

The internet is a treasure trove of instructions on how to improve your breathing—especially when you’re stressed. Lotus position, diaphragm awareness, pranayamas, counting while inhaling and exhaling . . . who knew breathing was so complex? While all these instructions can be useful, you likely are not in a position to learn deep-breathing techniques right away. For now, simply being aware that stress tends to make us breathe more shallowly may help us to reverse the tendency. Taking just a few deep breaths three or four times during the day may be the best thing you can do right now. And you’re likely to feel better immediately.

Make Small Changes, Enjoy the Benefits!

With all of the advice above, remember to use good judgment. If you have doubts about making any changes or have any health concerns, contact your doctor or another health professional. But the tips for stress management discussed above touch on factors within your control. By making small changes, you may find that your mind and body thanks you. You may be better prepared to cope with the challenges of this, or another, crisis.

Tim Weller is a financial professional with Weller Group LLC at 6206 Slocum Road, Ontario, NY 14519. He offers securities as a Registered Representative of Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC. He can be reached at 315-524-8000 or at tim@wellergroupllc.com. 

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