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New Clients

Interested in an introductory meeting? 

Please complete the form below  and provide the following information in your message:

  1. Your referral contact name or how you heard about us.
  2. The financial advisor who you would prefer to meet with.
  3. Preferred method for Weller Group to contact you for scheduling (phone or email).

A representative from Weller Group will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Items to prepare for an initial meeting:

  • Most recent statements for any investments, life insurance policies, and annuity products
  • Tax return and supporting documents (1099's, W-2's, etc.)
  • Two consecutive paystubs
  • Photo ID (Drivers license, passport, student ID)

You may be asked to gather these additional items for future meetings:

  • Employer benefits booklet
  • Will, power of attorney, health care proxy  
  • Names, birth dates, and addresses of immediate family members
  • Beneficiary information — If beneficiaries are to be designated other than family members already provided above, please provide entity name or individual to be named as beneficiary, address, and other information such as birth date for the individual or date of entity and tax ID for entity.

If additional items are required, we will provide you with a follow-up checklist.

Mailings You May Receive as an Account Owner

Upon opening an account with us through our broker/dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network®, you can expect to receive several mailings throughout the year. The most common documents you will receive include:


The following descriptions will help you better understand the purpose of these mailings, when you can expect to receive them, and whether or not you will be required to take any action.


The welcome letter(s) you receive from National Financial Services (NFS) is based on the type(s) of account(s) you have opened. Letters are generated on a daily basis for non-retirement accounts, retirement accounts, and SIMPLE IRA accounts. Assuming we have the necessary information needed to open your account, you can expect to receive your welcome letter(s) within a few days after your account(s) has been established.

  • Non-Retirement Accounts: If you have opened an NFS brokerage account, you will receive a letter that includes the Statement of Responsibilities, NFS Privacy Policy, and NFS Business Continuity Statement.
  • Retirement Accounts: If you are the custodian/trustee of a Premiere Select® retirement account, you will receive a letter informing you that your application has been processed and accepted. The letter also reminds you of a few important items regarding your account.
  • SIMPLE IRAs: If you are a SIMPLE IRA plan sponsor (i.e., employer), you will receive a letter providing samples of two documents—the 60-Day Notice and the Summary Plan Description—both of which you are required to distribute to your eligible employees in order to start your plan’s 60-day enrollment period.



You will receive Commonwealth’s Privacy Policy when you open a brokerage or direct account. This document details our privacy and confidentiality practices, as well as how we protect your information and use it to service your accounts. It’s presented at the inception of all client relationships and annually thereafter.

If you live in an “opt-in” state, where we are required to obtain your affirmative consent to share your nonpublic personal information with unaffiliated parties who do not currently assist us in servicing your account or conducting our business, we are required to obtain your consent before we can take your information with us should we leave Commonwealth. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any time by calling Commonwealth’s Compliance department at 800.251.0080, x9603.



You will receive the New Account Profile (NAP) within 30 days of establishing a new account of any registration type. This notification is mailed to the account mailing address or to all account owners listed on the account. It is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is designed for the explicit purpose of preventing fraudulent or criminal activity, such as identity theft. Upon receiving this mailing, you should confirm the accuracy of the information. If any information is incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible.



You will receive the Revised Account Profile (RAP) if information such as your name, address, investment objective, or account ownership has been updated on your client profile. Commonwealth mails RAPs on the fourth day after your account has been updated. This notification is required by the SEC and is designed to prevent fraudulent or criminal activity, such as account compromise. Upon receiving this mailing, you should confirm the accuracy of the recently updated information. If any information is incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible.



You will receive the Annual Notice of Withholding if you are a retirement account owner who takes periodic distributions or has checkwriting on your account. Retirement accounts include Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SIMPLE, and SEP-IRAs, as well as IRA and Roth IRA Beneficiary Distribution, Premiere Select® Retirement Plan (PSRP), and PSRP Beneficiary Distribution accounts. This notice, which is mailed in July, informs you of your state and federal tax withholding options with regard to distributions from your retirement account.

Current withholding elections will remain in effect for both checkwriting and periodic distributions, unless you request that they be changed. You can change the elections for future distributions at any time by contacting us.



You will receive the SIMPLE IRA Mailing if you are a SIMPLE IRA plan sponsor who has adopted and maintains a Premiere Select® SIMPLE IRA plan. If you are a SIMPLE IRA plan sponsor, you are required to provide notice to all eligible employees of their right to make or modify a salary deferral election. SIMPLE IRA plan sponsors can expect to receive this mailing in September. Notice must be provided immediately before the plan’s 60-day election period so that employees may decide whether to make a salary deferral election or modify an existing election for the upcoming calendar year.



You will receive a summary of material changes that includes an offer to receive a copy of Commonwealth’s Form ADV Part 2 brochure if you have an advisory account with Commonwealth, including PPS Custom, PPS Direct Mutual Fund Wrap, PPS Direct SMA/UMA, PPS Select, PPS Russell Model Strategies, all subadvised third-party asset manager programs, Wealth Management Consulting, and/or Retirement Plan Consulting. You can expect to receive this mailing in April. In some instances, you may receive a statement notification instead of a letter.



You will receive the Annual RMD Mailing if you are a Premiere Select® IRA (Traditional, Rollover, SIMPLE, and SEP) or Premiere Select® Retirement Plan (Profit-Sharing and Money Purchase) customer age 70½ or older during the current calendar year. The RMD letter incorporates specific information, including the calculated RMD amount and the factors used in its calculation, which may include:

  • Date of birth
  • Life expectancy factor and the table used to determine this factor
  • Distributions to date
  • Account balance as of December 31 of the previous year
  • Mandatory withdrawal date
  • Periodic distribution plan information, if applicable

You can expect to receive this letter in late September.


If you have any questions regarding the above materials or any other mailings you receive from Commonwealth, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.